About Us

We, Olga Bautina and Kamila Manzo, owners of Spun Bamboo, are environmentally conscious individuals and active pioneers supporting initiatives dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our planet. Hoping to promote a greener and healthier lifestyle worldwide, we adopted the innovative concept of a new class of eco-friendly apparel made from the fastest renewable natural resource: Bamboo – the plant that is changing the way the world dresses. Today, sustainability experts nearly universally agree that bamboo is the most viable choice for fibers not only because of the remarkable versatility, accessibility, durability of the plant and its incredibly unique properties, but also – and more significantly – it is the most eco-friendly natural source on the planet. Apart from this, bamboo has exceptionally fine fibers that lend a satin feel against the skin, it is also absolutely comfortable that it will move with you.

As we seek solutions to the overall issue of pollution, we need to recognize that synthetic petroleum-based clothing is a major part of the problem and will need to be part of the solution as well. Pollution is not only limited to the air. You may not be aware of one of the major sources of pollution: our clothes. Well, there is the not-talked-about scientific fact that petroleum-based clothes do carry toxins and those chemicals can be absorbed into your body through your skin. This stuff has been linked to disrupted hormones, altered endocrine functions, attacks on the immune system and exposure to carcinogens. Without setting aside the catastrophic impact on the environment in general, experts affirm that the direct interaction between our skin and toxic textiles may be responsible for irritation and sensitization of the skin. It is unfortunate that most people do not believe or are unaware of the negative side effects of the toxic synthetics in apparel.

Here at Spun Bamboo – we are optimistic about the promising idea of clean fashion, and we take great pride in delivering to you a natural and healthier alternative to the toxic textiles, providing apparel that is made only with the highest quality and natural raw-organic bamboo. A premium collection design, we call it Conscious Collection. Our clothing made from bamboo effortlessly combines comfort and performance, while we ensure we meet the excellence of the perfect fit and style for your everyday life. Yes, eco textiles exist! You will find in every piece of our garments a naturally luxurious, soft hand-feel, hypo-allergenic, UV protecting, moisture wicking, quick dry, odor-inhibiting and biodegradable eco-material that won’t harm human health or environment.

We promise our ultra-soft eco-friendly bamboo fabrics will make you feel in harmony with your skin and environment. Let’s protect what matters with sustainable practices, while we wrap ourselves in the amazing comfort and coziness of bamboo’s material that makes it an ideal choice for those susceptible to allergic reactions or with sensitive skin. The naturally soft fibers of bamboo will not itch, rub or irritate skin. Kind-to-skin apparel that moves with you and breathes with you. Allow your skin to enjoy the pleasure of a gentle touch of nature.

Understanding that to be an example we need to be an example, Spun Bamboo is committed to making a significant social and ecological contribution to society by unifying our love and energies and putting it to work towards the phase of change for a worldwide greener and healthier lifestyle. Experience the natural way the world will dress in the future, today! You’ll just love it!


Be the difference! Be organic!!