Bamboo Viscose Scarves in Black - Spun Bamboo
Bamboo Viscose Scarves in Black - Spun Bamboo
Bamboo Viscose Scarves in Black - Spun Bamboo

Bamboo Viscose Scarf in Black


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Wrap yourself in elegance and beauty in our wonderfully sophisticated and soft bamboo viscose shawl. Spun Bamboo brand scarf are the original and still the highest quality available. These shawls are the perfect gift for men or women!
Black only at this time.
100% Viscose from Bamboo.
ET-S $35
Designed in California, made in China - where bamboo grows.


  • Machine wash cold, avoid hot water.
  • Separate with like colors.
  • Mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Wash on gentle cycle.
  • Hand wash is an alternative 


  • Machine tumble dry low or delicate settings.
  • Avoid high temp drying to prevent undue shrinkage.  
  • Best to remove promptly from dryer to avoid unwanted wrinkles. 
  • Do not use softener dryer sheets.
  • Due that Bamboo Viscose is a denser fabric it may take slightly more time to dry off completely.
  • Line dry is an alternative recommended for bamboo products.


  • If need to iron, use a low heat settings.
  • Iron setting should not go higher than "synthetic".


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  • Machine wash in cold temp water with like colors, gentle cycle.
  • Turn the garment inside out to wash and dry for extra care.
  • Use mild laundry soap 
  • Do not use any type of bleach.
  • Normal tumble dry at the low-heat delicate settings.
  • Iron at low-heat setting (150°C/300°F) if desired.
  • Hand wash and line dry are alternatives recommended for bamboo products.

** Due that Bamboo Viscose is a denser fabric it may take slightly more time to dry off completely. **

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Bamboo fibers are naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate skin. It also requires way less dye compared to conventional types of fabric. Making it ideal for those who experience allergic reactions or with skin sensitivities. 


Bamboo fabric is extremely breathable. A cross-section of its fibers reveals various micro-holes allowing bamboo cloth to have a superior absorption. Its fibers absorb 40% more than any other type of fiber. Absorbs and evaporates moisture faster pulling it and driving it away from your skin.


Bamboo fabric is extremely durable yet still has a natural soft and silky feel to the touch that you can easily compare with cashmere and silk. Bamboo fibers are smooth and round and contain a natural ingredient called pectin that helps enhance its soft texture. The fabric drapes elegantly without wrinkling.


Scientifically proven to possess sun blocking characteristics. Shield your skin from the harmful UV rays in comfort. Considered a UV protective as it cuts 98% of harmful UV rays. An Australian study found that bamboo shields the wearer from sun up to 60% more effectively than cotton.


Comfort in any season. Natural fiber insulation naturally regulates your body’s temperature. A recent study by theInternational Journal of Thermal Sciencerevealed that fabrics containing a higher percentage of bamboo fibers provided an increased level of thermal regulation. Cool in summer and warm in winter. How great is that?!

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