Why Bamboo?

Bamboo fiber is a revolutionary new dreamy soft fabric that can offer great advantages such as versatility, and most importantly countless benefits to environment wide across. It is the fastest growing natural-organic resource implemented in the manufacturing of clothing, making the plant the most sustainable natural source on the Planet. It also feels fantastic!! Our bodies and environment deserve it. Bamboo is truly a wonder of nature, discover why:


Bamboo is extremely friendly to the environment due to the fact that it is an organic natural resource and is biodegradable, this among all of its unequalled qualities. Bamboo grows so fast that it is by far the most sustainable source of natural fiber for apparel. When harvested it will grow a new shoot from its extensive roots system with no need for additional replantation or cultivation. Bamboo naturally protects itself from crop-destroying insects, so there is no need for hazardous pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Bamboo also requires little irrigation or no irrigation at all.
silky soft


Bamboo fabric is extremely durable yet still has a natural soft and silky feel to the touch that you can easily compare with cashmere and silk. Bamboo fibers are smooth and round and contain a natural ingredient called pectin that helps enhance its soft texture. The fabric drapes elegantly without wrinkling. You will not be able to resist its luxurious coziness and exceptional comfort. Allow your skin to enjoy the pleasure of the gentle touch of nature.
Strong and Durable


Highly resistant and abrasion proof. Its longevity is very superior; in fact, it is the strongest woody plant on Earth.


Bamboo fibers are naturally smoother and rounder with no sharp spurs to irritate skin. It also requires way less dye compared to conventional types of fabric. Making it ideal for those who experience allergic reactions or with skin sensitivities. 
moisture wicking


Bamboo fabric is extremely breathable. A cross-section of its fibers reveals various micro-holes allowing bamboo cloth to have a superior absorption. Its fibers absorb 40% more than any other type of fiber. Absorbs and evaporates moisture faster pulling it and driving it away from your skin. This property makes bamboo cloth special, hygienic and perfect for outdoor activities.
powerfully insulating


Comfort in any season. Natural fiber insulation naturally regulates your body’s temperature. A recent study by the International Journal of Thermal Science revealed that fabrics containing a higher percentage of bamboo fibers provided an increased level of thermal regulation. Cool in summer and warm in winter. How great is that?!
UV Protection


Scientifically proven to possess sun blocking characteristics. Shield your skin from the harmful UV rays in comfort. Considered a UV protective as it cuts 98% of harmful UV rays. An Australian study found that bamboo shields the wearer from sun up to 60% more effectively than cotton.
Anti static


Bamboo fabric possess anti-static properties that prevent the garment from clinging uncomfortably to your skin. No static-cling is produced when washed or dried.